The Dragon’s Children is a five-novel series set in the fantasy world of Ard An Tir. Each novel is a coming of age story about one of five children. The series is filled with Dragon’s, Demons, Swords of Light and evil sorcerers. Each main character is on a quest to find not only a piece of the Dragon Talisman but also to master their deepest fears.

Red Dragon’s Keep
Book One in The Dragon’s Children Series

Demons want to kill him. Dragons need to save him.

Mages, Demons, and a Dragon Talisman plague firstborn son and heir Thomas Arach in the first book of The Dragon’s Children fantasy series.

Thomas Arach wants desperately to earn his father’s respect. When evil threatens, will his parents finally let him learn to fight? Sabotage and treason change Thomas’s life forever.

Tales of Dragons who fought beside men have faded into legend. Archives tell of an amulet, part of an ancient talisman, a talisman that will call the Dragons back. Is one of the amulets hidden in the Dragon Tower?

Can Thomas master the arts of war, control the magic hidden in his blood, find the Dragon talisman, and manage the defenses of his family’s home before the Demons attack?

If you like Harry Potter, you’ll like Red Dragon’s Keep!

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Book Two in The Dragon’s Children Series

Owen Arach has a problem. He wants to be as courageous and smart as his brother. He’s afraid that he’ll never measure up. He’s been assigned the task of searching for a missing shard of the Dragon Talisman. His Sword of Light and a WindRunner’s choosing may hold the key to finding his path.

November 2018

Book Three in The Dragon’s Children Series

Breanna Arach has a unique gift. She can walk through dreams. What she observes always comes true. The third shard of the Dragon Talisman occupies more and more of her dreaming. When she walks through the dreams of the Dark Sorcerer, all hell breaks loose.  Can her awakening gift help save her family?

Coming soon.

Falcon’s Spire 
Book Four in The Dragon’s Children Series

Cameron Gobhlan has lost his home. He finds himself fighting demons and sorcerers in a place that he never thought he’d see. His Sword of Light takes him on a journey to find himself. His growing mastery of magic leads him on a path he’s not sure he wants to follow. Can he use his magic to take back his home and find the fourth shard of the Dragon Talisman?

Coming soon.

Book Five in The Dragon’s Children Series

Evan Gobhlan knows he has a gift. He just doesn’t know what it is. The first time he shapeshifts it scares him silly. His Sword of Light isn’t amused. Together they search for a way to control his power and use it to find the last shard of the Dragon Talisman.  The shards must be reunited to call the dragons. Is the King part of the problem? Can Evan find out in time?

Coming soon.