Celebrate National Dog Day

It’s National Dog Day. I thought that was earlier, but it doesn’t matter. It’s always worth celebrating Dogs! Or Dragons! I’m working on “DreamWalker”.  Here’s an excerpt:
“The path beckoned to her as Breanna skimmed the edge of sleep. She pushed the gate open that signified the beginning of her dreamwalking. Her feet carried her smoothly beyond the first bend of the trail. No pain followed her into the dream as she moved.

Wrap my mind with threads of silk
Shroud my walk from notice.
Guide me to the sand King’s dreams
Reveal his plans and patterns.

The familiar spell of veiling enveloped her dreaming mind, dampening its radiance to a tiny flicker to anyone else walking in their own dreams.

Breanna stopped and cocked her head in consternation. Instead of the aspen and lindens that normally bordered the path she followed, palm, Joshua, and fruit trees faded into the distance on either side. Shrubs grew under the taller trees, obstructing the view deeper into the grove.

Frowning and shaking her head, she continued down the path. Maybe it’s because we’re in the desert now. The trail split to the right and left.  A golden light rose from the horizon to her right.

Breanna stopped at the junction of the two paths. She glanced to the left, sensing wisps of dreams. Nothing was close. She turned to the right and settled into an uneasy wait, searching the dreamscape as far out as she could extend her senses.

A sudden blaze at the very edge of her perception made Breanna twitch. Its power pulled at her, making her want to hurry toward it. Instead, she waited. What is that? With reluctant steps, she started walking toward the energy. It felt nothing like the grey Dragon she’d met before in the dreamscape.

She scanned around her, suddenly anxious that the monster might find her. Her heart sped up and began pounding with fear. Stop. It is not here. She breathed deep, slowing her panic.

She did not find that evil thing anywhere near. Instead, the golden glow pulled her toward it. As she drew closer, her steps slowed further. The trees were thinning, allowing her to peer between the trunks.

The light shimmered gold and red. An older man in the loose long cream-colored robes of a Bedouin, a shemagh draping his head and shoulders, stood as if waiting. Breanna stopped her advance, slipping completely behind the thick bole of one of the palms growing among the fruit trees.

“Child, you are well come. There is nothing to fear here. Your shields are strong. You are invited to sit with me and rest.” He sank down onto a rug decorated with swirls of blue and red and yellow big enough for two at his feet.”
The book is finally coming along nicely. I’m working toward a Christmas release. Cross fingers and hope to shout.
And now some pictures of my shelties! Yeah for National Dog Day!

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