Central City Poetry Festival – September 21

Central City Book Signing
Setup at the Teller House – Central City

I went to the mountains on September 21! The Teller House in Central City invited poets and authors to a day of literacy, the first-ever Central City Poetry Festival. I signed copies of “Red Dragon’s Keep” and “WindRunner”, the newest entry in the “Dragon’s Children” series. I got to see some of the aspen gold on the way.

I haven’t been to Central City for twenty-five years. The drive up on an early Saturday morning was gorgeous. The town has changed of course but is still charming. I can’t believe how steep the streets are. In my mind, I kept seeing the poor horses pulling wagons up those hills. I met lots of interesting and interested people. See the Dragon on the left side of the table?

Loading out was interesting. I left my Dragon on the table next to the door. Didn’t even notice. When I got home, I unloaded the van and still didn’t notice. Later that night, I was going to remove the batteries that power her light.  It felt like my heart stopped pumping blood. Instant panic. I looked everywhere in the van. No dice. My daughter, who was spending the night, searched the van. Nothing.

The Dragon

I finally emailed Jeff, the event organizer, and asked if he had seen the Dragon. He had it!! Thank goodness. One of the authors who sat next to me at the event went and picked her up. She is back home and ready for her next adventure!

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