Red Dragon’s Keep at AuthorYOU Cornucopia Bootcamp

I had the cover from Red Dragon’s Keep airbrushed onto the cake that I’m providing for the AuthorYOU Bootcamp on April 14. I think it turned out really well!

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Red Dragon’s Keep at the CAL Book Fest on March 3

I was at the Colorado Authors League Book Fest at the Denver Public Library on March 3rd. Talked to four librarians, other authors and lots of people interested in Red Dragon’s Keep and writing. On one side of my spot was a horror writer, on the other a women’s fiction author and right near us was a historian. It was really fun and educational.

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New Cut from Red Dragon’s Keep

Check out the new Book Bubble from Red Dragon’s Keep.

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Here’s Another Fantasy Book Worth Reading

Dragon Storm (Heritage of Power, #1) 
by Lindsay Buroker (Goodreads Author)

Natli VanDerWerken‘s review

Jan 04, 2018

What if your country and your friends hate magic, you have it, and the only way to save your country is to use it?
Dragon Storm was lots of fun. I love the new characters in the Dragon’s Blood universe. And new DRAGONS. The main character’s attempts to deny and hide that his “hunches” are actually magic are really funny. The dialog is crisp and the characters carry the plot forward at breakneck speed. Of course, Captain Kaika blowing things up adds a certain spice to the destruction of two main antagonists. Dragon Storm is a worthy addition to Buroker’s stories.

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Happy New Year!

December book signing at Barnes and Noble


Happy New Year! The book signing at Barnes and Noble was a thrilling success. I sold all of the copies of Red Dragon’s Keep that they ordered for the signing. It was so much fun to talk to customers and tell them about the book.



Christmas gift from grandson and a Dragon ornament.


Red Dragon’s Keep took center stage at Christmas as friends and family gave me more Dragons and books for my collection. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts. A huge thank you to everyone who bought the book!

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Need a Book for Christmas? Red Dragon’s Keep Excerpt ~

Here’s a cut from Red Dragon’s Keep. Thomas has chosen his Sword of Light.

[iframe src=”″]

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Barnes and Noble Book Signing in Two Weeks

The book signing at Barnes and Noble on December 13 is coming up fast. Just two weeks away. I’ve been asked to sign copies of Red Dragon’s Keep at the Glendale store at 960 S Colorado Blvd, just south of Alameda and north of Mississippi. I’m really looking forward to this opportunity. I’ll post the time as soon as it’s finalized. Hope to see all of you there!

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Windward Range or WindRunner – Which One is Best?

I’m working hard on Windward Range, the next book in The Dragon’s Children series. I’m playing around with the idea of changing the title to WindRunner. What do you think?

The Windward Range is the home of the Windwalkers. Their fortified manor is called Aos Si. It is east of the Dragon Spine mountains and west of the Guardian Mountains that separate Talamh from Ard Ri. It’s a rich land of native grasses that feed all manner of grazing animals and the predators that hunt them.

It’s also the ancient lands of the Dana Sidhe – the Fair Folk – the Fey.

Untroubled by humans since the first Demon War, the Fey would sooner keep it that way. Humans are noisy, short-lived and dirty. The human population has increased and they are moving into the lands that the Fey consider their own. A few who respect the land and the Fey are tolerated, but conflict between humans and the Fey is increasing.

WindRunners were created in the far past to carry mages using the power of the wind. When evil threatens, they will choose a rider to help them fight. One of the WindRunners arrives at Red Dragon’s Keep and chooses Owen, the second son of the Arach line.

It’s going to be good!

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Book Signing on December 13

I’ve been invited to participate in a book signing for Red Dragon’s Keep on December 13 at Barnes and Noble in Denver (Glendale) at 960 S Colorado Blvd. Happy Dance around the room!

I’ll be there from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. along with other local authors. I’m thrilled.

At the Autumn Author Tea on October 28, I sold all of the books that I brought and passed out lots of postcards about the book and where to buy it. Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Red Dragon’s Keep was in the top four sellers.

I’ve been working on the next book, Windward Range, for the past few months. Thomas’s brother, Owen, is out of sorts about his place at the Keep. Thomas decides to send him on a quest to find their parents and the troops who were sent to save them.

A WindRunner – another creature out of legend – arrives before Owen leaves the Keep and demands that the second son accompany him. Adventures ensue. It’s going to be good!

If you get the chance, join me at Barnes and Noble on December 13. It’s the perfect time to get books, including Red Dragon’s Keep, to give the gift of imagination to friends and family.

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Want a great read for you, your children and grandchildren?
Take a peek at Red Dragon’s Keep.
It’s available as an Ebook and paperback at –,
as a paperback from Barnes & Noble –, and  everywhere books are sold.

There’s a dictionary at the end of Red Dragon’s Keep for a reason.

On Christmas Day, 2009, Debbie and Scott, my daughter and son-in-law, gave me a trip to Ireland, the land of my ancestors. I remember I was so shocked and thrilled I cried.

We flew into Dublin on an early June morning and rented a car – a story in itself. It was cool and cloudy with intermittent drizzle. Who cared? We were in Ireland!

The three of us checked into our hotel, built in the 1800’s, next to the Liffey (the river that flows through Dublin). Jet lag threatened all of us. To combat it and get on Ireland time, we took a tour of Dublin.

The city has buses that tour the city on a regular schedule. Each bus has a tour guide telling the history of Dublin. You can get on and off at whatever stop you want. We toured Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells, written in about 800 AD. It still gives me shivers. Along the way, we visited a bookstore (of course). I bought an Irish/English Dictionary.

Fast forward five years. I started writing Red Dragon’s Keep. I needed names for characters. On my desk was the Irish/English dictionary. The answers were in that little green book. The best €3.99 euros I ever spent. That little book sits on the table where I write as a very handy reference when I’m searching for a word or name.

When I think of Ard Ri, I think of Ireland. We drove along the south Dragonhold Underhill - Irelandcoast and visited Dragonhold Underhill – the home of Anne McCaffrey, author of the Dragon Riders of Pern series, Ardmore – the setting for several Nora Roberts books – where we spent the night and visited the pub, Waterford (yes, I bought glass) and Limerick. We spent a week in our own ‘cottage’ at Doolin, County Clare. We sailed to the islands off the coast, listened to traditional music and heard the song in the language. Castles abound.

Aeden’s name means Fire in Gaelic. Arach means Dragon. I used that little book for other words as well.

Now you know. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

Write On!

Natli VanDerWerken



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